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Bank account 1: 1150511505/5500 - Raiffeisenbank a.s.  

General Sales Conditions

Terms & Conditions offered by the Seller on its website shall be governed by the following Rules of shopping, as well as current legislation and business practices. All products come from official authorized importers and distributors for the Czech Republic, they are made in standard quality and are backed by a full warranty under the current legislation and according to warranty of the manufacturer or importer.

Placing the Order

To place an order no registration is required. (However, we recommend registering for many reasons: registering will allow you to take advantage of the discount, bonus and loyalty events. Additionally, you will be immediately informed about news, prices and other things that will help you and save you time and money.) After registration on the given email address the customer will receive the confirmation of successful registration with login and password to purchase in e-shop and to check and track the order status.

Before sending the order the total price for the ordered products including related charges will be calculated, and the customer will be asked for their approval. By submitting the order for selected products customer confirms the validity of his order, expresses the agreement with the Terms and Conditions and confirms his legal capacity.

After completing and submitting the order you will receive a confirmation e-mail including a copy of your order. If you do not receive a confirmation email with the copy of the order to your specified e-mail address, please contact us as soon as possible. Placing an order is a proposal to conclude a purchase contract. The order also serves as the product reservation. Costumer can check prices listed at individual items or by telephone. Prices can be reduced, or otherwise discounted if the order is carried out simultaneously with any "action" or based on loyalty program.

Order can be also placed by phone or e-mail (+420 724 099 655, The order is considered as definite for both parties at the time when it is confirmed electronically, or by phone, unless specified otherwise. Upon the confirmation the purchase contract is concluded.

Cancel an order

1) Cancellation of Order by customer
The order can be canceled by telephone (+420 724 099 655) or e-mail ( if the order is received and the goods have not been shipped yet. In case of later cancellation, the supplier shall be entitled to damage, especially demonstrable costs associated with the shipment of products.

2) Cancellation of Order by supplier
E-shop keeper has the right to cancel the order or its part in case that the ordered product ceases to produce or deliver to the Czech Market during the order process or its price is significantly changed. The e-shop keeper has also the right to cancel the order if the order execution time exceeds 14 days from its receipt. The customer will be informed about cancel the order. If customer has already paid for ordered products in canceled order, he will be refunded the relevant amount as soon as possible (within max. of 14 days).


For a product that is delivered to customer by delivery service a definite confirmation to conclude the purchase contract is required by the supplier. The definite confirmation of the order is not the automatically generated electronic confirmation of receipt of the order, but it is electronically sent notification, or telephone notification of the initiation of the order process. Products are dispatched as soon as possible and within the time limit specified in the product detail. If we are not able to meet this deadline, we will contact you by telephone and arrange for further actions. In case of unavailability of goods or a longer delivery time, the customer can cancel an order by phone or e-mail without any penalties from our side. Products are considered as delivered to the delivery address provided by the customer in the order. Consigned products are assets of e-shop keeper (AXEL GROUP s.r.o) until receipt by the buyer.


Shipping to the designated address is provided by the supplier. We dispatch around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For delivery of the goods we use courier services of Schenker. You are informed about the processing of orders and the expedition via e-mail. Goods will be delivered by transport service to the address of the order within 48 hours around Czech and 72 hours around Slovakia after receiving your e-mail notification. Goods can also be picked up in person at the facility. Before picking up it is necessary to create order through e-shop, via e-mail or telephone. If the order is not placed we can not guarantee that the goods are ready to pick up at our facility.

Ways of delivery

Ways of delivery are selected during the ordering process (Step 1). Packaging and other handling fees are not charged (valid for CZE only). The cost of shipping is charged as follows:

Personal pick-up - 30 CZK

Shipping is charged according to the weight of the shipment without VAT:

- up to 15 kg 125,- CZK
- from 16 kg to 25 kg 175,- CZK
- from 26 kg to 50 kg 260,- CZK
- from 51 kg to 100kg 405,- CZK
- from 101 kg to 150 kg 545,- CZK
- from 151 kg to 200 kg 660,- CZK
- from 201 kg to 250 kg 760,- CZK
- from 251 kg to 300 kg 930,- CZK
- from 301 kg to 350 kg 1.025,- CZK
- from 351 kg to 400 kg 1.110,- CZK
- from 401 kg to 450 kg 1.215,- CZK
- from 451 kg to 500 kg 1.315,- CZK
- from 501 kg to 600 kg 1.515,- CZK
- from 601 kg to 700 kg 1.700,- CZK
- from 701 kg to 800 kg 1.880,- CZK
- from 801 kg to 900 kg 2.045,- CZK
- from 901 kg to 999 kg 2.230,- CZK
- more than 1000 kg 3.000,- CZK

Operator reserves the right to change the way of shipment depending on weight, size or contents. This fact is always shared with the customer.


Payment options:
Způsob platby si volíte výběrem z možností při vytváření objednávky (krok1).

Dobírka     Cash on delivery (buyer pays for the goods at takeover) fee of 49 CZK incl. VAT (CZE), 2 € incl. VAT (SK).
Bankovní převod      Bank transfer (the buyer pays for the goods as soon as possible after telephone or electronic confirmation of the order and immediately after the amount is credited to our account the products are dispatched) - free of charge (CZE and SK) as a variable symbol indicate your order number.

For bank transfer, please use the following bank account:

 Bank 1: 1150511505/5500 - Raiffeisenbank a.s.

Cash payment free of charge upon personal pick-up on the premises

The shipment of goods always contains an invoice.

Receipt of goods 

We recommend that you inspect the goods immediately upon receipt. If the mechanical damage to the product packaging is found, write a report (protocol) of shipment damage in the presence of carrier and let him confirm this fact. The customer has no obligation to take over a damaged shipment. In any case, you have the option when receiving the delivery and signing a form to attach a note that read, "WARNING". This will help later when handling any hidden defects of transportation. Mechanical damage to the product in undamaged packaging must be reported within max. of 48 hours from takeover. Later complaints and claims for compensation will not be considered and will be rejected.

Based on the report, the customer will get a reasonable discount or he will get a new product or other compensation according to the both sides agreement. The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract.

By signing the delivery note, the customer agrees to take the goods and confirms that it arrives mechanically undamaged. Later complaints and claims for compensation will not be considered and will be rejected.

Communication between customer and supplier

Further communication between supplier and customer is done by electronic mail or by telephone, unless the parties agree otherwise. 

Warranty and Claims

All goods come from an authorized official importers and distributors for the Czech Republic, made in standard quality and it is backed by a full warranty under the current legislation and in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty conditions. If for a given product warranty certificate exists, then it is exposed to the day of purchase and it is sent to the customer together with the goods. In case that there is no warranty card, the invoice serves as a warranty card, which is also sent together with the goods.

The Customer shall inspect the goods immediately upon receipt. At least it is necessary to check the outer packaging whether it is not damaged. We ask you for cooperation and thorough inspection of goods when taking over. We can not accept complaints of visibly damaged goods caused by transport. Such damage is necessary to claim already at the currier upon arrival. If the mechanical damage to the product packaging is found, write a report (protocol) of shipment damage in the presence of carrier and let him confirm this fact. On the base of the record made out of shipment damage the claim will be dealt with. By signing the delivery note, the customer agrees to take the goods and confirms that it arrived mechanically undamaged. Later complaints and claims for compensation will not be considered and will be rejected. 

ReDelivery Claim:

In the case of apparent damage to the packaging of shipment, check the contents in the presence of carrier and write the complaint report. For heavier goods, check the contents of the package, even if the damage is not visible. Even if the package looks apparently undamaged, but you know that the goods are asymmetrical and there might be some deformation, you can (and we recommend) to accept delivery with WARNING. The carrier is obliged to record that, or you can add it next to your signature. By this you achieve smooth running of any possible subsequent claim (till 48 hours from takeover) and avoid any guesswork how and where the damage was caused. Check delivered shipment within 48 hours (this is the max. deadline for reporting shipping damage), in case of hidden damage, please contact the transportation company and also the seller immediately.

Try to take evidentiary photo, which will facilitate the identification of damage and may be sent to the carrier by e-mail as evidence. ALWAYS CONSULT BOTH SUPPLIER AND CARRIER – the goods leaving our warehouse are always inspected and they are considered as O.K., therefore 99% of the claim will not fall into product functionality but transport.

Failure to comply with the time limits for reporting of the claim, as well as the procedures for reporting damage (contact BOTH the SUPPLIER AND CARRIER!!!) WE CAN NOT GUARANTEE A POSITIVE Claim Processing AND CANNOT compensate for any resulting financial damage. IF YOU STAND OUT FOR THE EXCHANGE OR OTHER solution to the situation, it will be done at a pre-arranged COST for which THIS SITUATION WILL BE HANDLED.

The warranty period begins on receipt of goods by the customer.

Warranty does not apply to damages caused by typical wear and tear over time (neither to product’s parts). Shorter product life in such a case can not be considered as a fault and it can not be handled as a claim.

For customers who use the goods for the purposes of business or trade in a given product, the warranty period is not determined by the Civil Code. In this case, the warranty period is determined by the particular importer of goods into the country. Warranty period listed on our site is intended only for the consumer, not for entrepreneurs who buy goods in the course of their business (purchase on ID).

In case that a customer who found on purchased goods during the warranty period a defect that was not caused by improper use, but a defect of the product itself has the right to claim the goods in the warranty period, and of course we will process the claim.

Product Claim

If the customer is interested in claiming the goods purchased in the e-shop:, we recommend contacting us either by phone, but preferably by e-mail with application for claim and also with the description of the defect.

To maximum of two working days from receipt of the claim the customer will be contacted with the information about the procedures, the specific address of the authorized service center that is closest to the customer's residence or the address where the customer will send the goods with the cover letter describing the product’s defect and the address for the return of goods. In addition, he attaches at least a copy of the invoice for customer and product identification. Sending this information and the document will facilitate identification of the consignment and make the processing of the request faster. Shipments where it is not clear why they were sent to us will be returned to the sender. Never send the goods on delivery.

We recommend that you send the goods in original packaging or other packaging satisfying the transport because supplier is not liable for any mechanical damage before accepting the goods. Damaged goods should be sent including all accessories and supplements that were included with the original packaging. In case of a legitimate complaint the customer is entitled to compensation at the lowest postage required for safe delivery (document for such a transport is required). In case of unjustified complaints consumer is not entitled to reimbursement of costs associated with the settlement of claims and at the same time the supplier is not entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred on his side (in case there is no repeated groundless complaint at the consumer side, that can possibly indicate to the abuse of consumer rights)  

Claim procedure

Supplier or service center shall consider the claim of product’s defects and after assessing he shall inform the customer by phone or email of the outcome of the complaint. In the case of clear and legitimate claim everything proceeds without further communication.

The deadline for settling a claim is 30 days under the Act no. 634/1992 Coll.

The deadline for settlement of the claim begins to run the following day from receipt of the goods claimed by the seller. After settling a claim we usually inform the customer about the outcome of the claim and we either send the goods to the appointed address, or leave at the premises for collection. Seller under the Commercial Act shall not have the obligation to inform the customer about the end of processing.

Conflict with the contract

In case that the product upon receipt by customer is not in the agreement with the contract ("conflict with the contract"), the customer has the right that supplier put the status to the corresponding purchase contract, and according to the customer either exchange the item or repair and this all free of charge and without undue delay; if such a procedure is not possible, the customer may request a reasonable discount on the price or withdraw from the contract. This does not apply if the customer knew about the conflict with the contract or he has caused the conflict himself before accepting the product.

Conflict with the contract, which will appear within six months of receipt, is considered as a conflict existed already upon receipt, if not in the contradiction with the product characteristics or if it is proven otherwise.

Withdrawal from the contract

Failure to comply with the agreed terms of delivery shall be considered the fact that the supplier is unable to deliver the goods or part thereof. In this case, the customer is immediately contacted by telephone and offered other possible alternative (reduction or withdrawal from the contract).

For goods purchased through the online shop, the customer - not an entrepreneur- natural person in accordance with § 53, par.7 and § 54 Civil Code. has a right within 14 days of receipt of goods to return it for any reason. The goods must not be damaged in any way, no signs of use or otherwise impaired and must be packed in their original packaging along with all accessories. The goods must be accompanied by all documents including invoices and warranty. Subsequently, the customer will obtain the amount (max. within 14 days of receipt of goods by the seller), which will be reduced by the costs associated primarily with the expedition. Do not send the goods on delivery and we recommend you to insure the goods for transport.

The contractor is entitled to withdraw from the contract only until the dispatch of the goods, and this just in case the products are not available or there are significant changes in the prices of goods. Before the withdrawal, however, the supplier must always contact the customer to agree on appropriate procedure.

Given that in the case of withdrawal from the contract the contract is canceled from its beginning, supplier will return or compensate to customer (customer to supplier) all accepted performance.

The customer can withdraw from the contract so that he notifies the supplier, and this either electronically to the email address or in writing at the facility of the supplier. When withdrawing we recommend writing the order number, variable symbol and date of purchase and submit the original or a copy of proof of purchase. Shipments where it is not clear why they were sent to us will be returned to the sender.

If the customer has already received the goods, he will send the goods back to the supplier, where the supplier examines the condition of the returned goods without delay. To return the full amount the goods must be sent back to the supplier intact, undamaged, complete (including accessories and all documents and original packaging).

In case that the goods are returned to suppliers in other than intact, the customer is obliged to compensate the costs particularly associated with returning the goods into the original condition and with their damage. Payment of such costs and damages will proceed the way that the purchase price, which is in case of withdrawal refunded by supplier, is for the cost and damage reduced appropriately. Or the supplier has the right not to accept the goods and the customer has no right for a refund for the goods.

If the customer has fulfilled all the above conditions for withdrawal from the contract, the supplier shall refund the already paid purchase price or part thereof, and this no later than 14 days after return. Supplier returns the funds to the customer's account after signing the credit.

Protection of personal data

Our company AXEL GROUP Ltd. appreciates the trust of our customers and undertakes to protect their data, which had to be given to place the order. This data will not be given to a third person, with the exception of credit card companies when a customer requests a loan. The supplier will use data only for normal communication with the customer and in case of delivery for successful goods delivery.

When dealing with data we commit ourselves to follow the law no. 101/2000 Coll. - Protection of personal data.

E-shop keeper of declares that all personal information is treated as strictly confidential and handled in accordance with law no. 101/2000 Coll. In any case, we do not provide such information to third parties.

To realize the business transactions we ask you for the name (or company name, identification number and contact person), address (billing and shipping if applicable), telephone and mail contact. Furthermore, we record your business transaction with us.

All information in the e-shop: are available without entering any data - terms and conditions, instructions how to buy, prices, product descriptions etc.. In order to realize the trading transactions and delivery of goods to any place we need to communicate with you and to know the above mentioned data and these we get with your consent at your registration, either permanently or temporarily.

Responsibility for the accuracy of the data

Information on the website is partly taken from third parties and may contain factual and technical inaccuracies or typographical errors and may be updated without prior notice. Seller cannot unconditionally guarantee the accuracy of their content.

Seller is not liable to any other party for damages caused by using the information from the e-shop or the linked sites, unless such information is confirmed in writing by the seller based on customer requirement.

Final Provisions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all contracts concluded between a supplier and a customer.

The supplier reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. The changed conditions will be appropriately published on the website as well as at their premises at least one month prior to the effectiveness of new conditions.




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